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Minimise Advanced Studies
Code Change order Name Change order Extent UnitChange order Functions
A110403 Finnish Language, Advanced Studies 60-80 ECTS cr   Faculty of Humanities  
683401P Advanced course in the North Saami language 5 ECTS cr      
695012P Assessing linguistic proficiency 5 ECTS cr      
683400P Basic course in North Saami language 5 ECTS cr      
694954S Final Examination of Advanced Studies 5 ECTS cr      
695003P Finnish Society 5 ECTS cr      
694962S Intermediate Estonian 5 ECTS cr      
695000P Introduction to Finnish as a Second and Foreign Language 5 ECTS cr     Search for instruction 
694952S Language History 5 ECTS cr      
694922S Master's Thesis 40 ECTS cr      
694925S Maturity Test (for Master's Degree/Finnish Language) 0 ECTS cr / 0 cu     
695010P Multicultural Finland and Cultural Knowledge 5 ECTS cr      
694955S Optional Course 1 5 ECTS cr      
694957S Optional Course 2 5 ECTS cr      
694930Y Personal Study Plan 3 (Master's degree) 0 ECTS cr / 0 cu     
695001P Teaching and Tutoring Students Learning Finnish 5 ECTS cr      
694956S Thesis Seminar 10 ECTS cr     Search for instruction 
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