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Studying in the Open University

Open University offers courses in six fields of the faculties of the University of Oulu and the Language Centre of the University of Oulu. You may complete basic and intermediate studies as well as language and communication studies. The instruction is in line with the basic instruction offered to degree students at the University of Oulu in terms of quality, content, and learning outcomes. The Open University provides the chance to study regardless of your age or prior education.

To get the Open University study right you must register to the course/module and pay the tuition fees. Please note that study right may be longer than the time required to take the course. Informations about study right and time limitations can be found from WebOodi.

Completing entire degrees at the Open University is not possible. You may only complete parts of a degree that may later be included in your university degree if you are accepted into a university as a basic degree student.

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The Open University reserve the right to make changes.