Study guide's University of Oulu summer studies 2020, 2019-20...2020-21 information (E)

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This University of Oulu Summer studies 2020 catalogue presents the summer studies and summer examinations arranged by the faculties. Courses offered can be found from the Courses tab, you can sort the list by organising unit by clicking on the arrow above the Unit column. 

1) The Courses tab contains all courses offered in the summer of 2020. You can sort the list by sector by clicking on the arrow below the "Responsible Unit" text. Also listed here are courses for which only the exam is available (see section 2)

2) On the Exams tab you will find summer exams.

Note. List of summer studies will be updated also later in the Spring. Make sure you check the course information carefully to see if it is an exam or a course with lectures. Please note also that some of the courses are arranged as e-exams, registration to those is done in the Exam system.

For additional information on summer studies and about the right to study please see Open University summer studies and Summer University summer studies also are presented on the above mentioned website.