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LITO - Basic Business Studies 25–40 ECTS

Courses are open only for minor students, not for degree students in business.

In today’s business life, experts from multiple different fields must work together in projects. Seamless cooperation calls for the understanding of business dependencies and logic as well as knowledge of focal concepts. The Basic Business Studies study package (=LITO) offers students the opportunity to complement their knowledge and to enhance their working life capabilities. During the course, the students will familiarize themselves with the ways in which companies operate and the factors that influence their actions.

After completing the courses, the student will understand how a company operates as an entity and is able to evaluate his/her own role as an expert in the entity. The student will be capable of applying the focal concepts of business and economics in their own work. In addition, the student will be able to solve problems as part of a diverse team.

The Basic business studies study package is carried out as a joint effort of nine Finnish universities. Each course features highly respected experts, who will be explaining the different business and economic phenomena. All of the courses are completely online.


Registration for the LITO courses

The student must register for the courses before taking them. Registration takes place at the student's home university during a pre-defined registration period, which may differ from the customary course registration periods applied at the home university. Students are advised to check the registration periods for LITO courses they plan to take and abide by the time limits. Appropriate registration for a course is obligatory and required for having the course credits registered. No late registrations are accepted.


Registration of course credits and the study package

When the student passes a course, the grade will be registered at his/her home university as part of his/her studies. If a student wishes to get a note in his/her diploma stating that s/he has taken the study package, s/he must complete at least five courses (equal to 25 ECTS), including Understanding and managing a business as a dynamic whole business simulation game (the other 20 ECTS can be chosen freely).

LITO courses are organised in co-operation with multiple universities. To enable registering credits when the course is completed, it is necessary to transfer data about the student from his/her home university to the university that is responsible for organizing the course. The data to be transferred consists of: name, gender, nationality, e-mail address, personal identification number and the home university. Data that is classified as secret is not transferred. Without a data transfer, it is not possible to have the course credits registered.

LITO courses cannot be included in the Finnish Bachelor or Master of Business and Economic Sciences degrees. The content and learning goals of LITO courses have been designed for students not majoring in business sciences. Hence, the content and subject matter of the courses differ from the basic studies included in the Finnish Bachelor's and Master's degrees of Business and Economic sciences and cannot substitute for the basic studies included in these degrees.

Before taking LITO courses, the student must make sure that:

- the courses s/he has chosen can be included in his/her degree studies,

- the courses chosen do not overlap content-wise with other courses in his/her degree studies.

Only LITO courses can be included in the LITO package.


Student Guide

A Student Guide with useful practical information and hints for LITO studies is available on the LITO course platform at

The latest information about LITO courses is updated and published on the course platform at


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