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The knowledge and skills of the music educator are deepened through the advanced studies for the Master's degree, and the pedagogical studies for subejct teachers. Further development of skills also takes place in the research studies leading to the Master's thesis. The options in the advanced studies profile the student's competence towards a working career in music and education.

The learning outcomes of the Master's degree in music education are as follows:

  1. The student is capable of managing and developing a variety of creative entities connected with music education and music learning.
  2. The student knows how to work in multiprofessional and multicultural work communities.
  3. The student knows how to analyze and evaluate knowledge related to phenomena, education, teaching and learning in music and arts and how to create something new based on it.
  4. The student is capable of acting empathetically, ethically and with pedagogical tact and knows how to evaluate his/her own action in different situations.
  5. The student knows how to plan and implement music teaching that is based on research and takes the learners into account.
  6. The student is capable of analyzing the relationship between music, art, culture, education and society, making conclusions on it and applying his/her conclusions to develop communities of music and education.
  7. The student knows how to analyze his/her own idea of music, art and man as well as social and cultural assumptions connected with childhood and youth.
  8. The student is capable of socially responsible and ethically sustainable leadership in duties in the fields of music, art, teaching and education.
  9. The student knows how to analyze critically his/her worklife skills and develop them in a purposeful manner.

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