Study guide's LTK - Clinical Laboratory Science, 2009-10...2011-12 information (E)

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1. General descriptions




113 ECTS credits are replaced with earlier studies with a degree from a University of Applied Sciences and 103 ECTS credits are replaced with earlier studies in Health Science. Studies units marked with * can be replaced with earlier studies with a degree from a University of Applied Sciences.


Bachelor's degree (180 ECTS credits) consists of:

General studies 24-34 ECTS credits ´
350003Y The Philosophical foundation of scientific research 6.0
350005Y Statistics 6.0
350006Y Informatics of Health Sciences 2.0
350008Y Academic learning skills 3.0
350001Y The higher education system, study planning and tutoring 2.0
350007Y Statistical data processing 5.0
900007Y Basics of written communication* 2.0
900208Y Foreign language* 3.0
900107Y Other domestic language* 3.0
900008Y Elements of oral communication* 2.0


Basic- and subject studies of major subject
351008P Research course* 2.0
351511P Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Science 5.0
040002Y Medical Cell and Development Biology 7.0
352311A Philosophy and Ethics in Clinical Laboratory Science 3.0
35107A Research methods I 4.0
040103A Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 11.0
35232A Basics of clinical Laboratory Investigation 3.0
352114A Bachelor's thesis and Written maturity 10.0

Minor studies
Optional studies


Master's degree (120 ECTS credits) consists of:
Advanced studies of major subject 60.0
353550S-01 Development of Clinical Laboratory Science 4.0
353550S-02 Optional Advanced Studies in Clinical laboratory science 12.0
353213S Research methods lab II 8.0
353204S Research seminars 6.0
353205S Master's Thesis 30.0


Minor studies
Optional studies