Study guide's LC - Swedish, 2020-21 information (E)

General information Instruction Examinations Courses

Designed for intermediate and advanced level students, Swedish courses at the University of Oulu are tailored to meet the language needs of the university academic programmes as well as the needs of the students’ professional fields.  Elementary courses are not offered in Swedish.

Students who have completed secondary school (high school) in a language other than Finnish or Swedish are exempt from completing Swedish language requirements. (Please, contact your department study advisor for exemption.)

Courses by faculty

Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine: 901050Y Swedish, 3 ECTS credits

Faculty of Humanities: 901030Y Second Official Language (Swedish) 5 ECTS credits

Faculty of Education: 901032Y Second Official Language (Swedish) 2 ECTS credits

Faculty of Science: 901034Y Swedish, 2 ECTS credits

Faculty of Medicine: 

901036Y Second Official Language (Swedish) (Medicine), 3 ECTS credits
901038Y Second Official Language (Swedish) (Dentistry), 3 ECTS credits
901040Y Second Official Language (Swedish) (Nursing Sciences), 3 ECTS credits
901042Y Second Official Language (Swedish) (Wellness Technology), 3 ECTS credits

Oulu Business School:

901052Y Swedish for Economics, 4 ECTS credits

Optional courses for the language minor:
901025A Tala med!, 4 op
901030A På tal om affärer, 5 op
901031A Finanssvenska, 5 op

Faculty of Technology:  901044Y Second Official Language (Swedish), 2 ECTS credits

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

For the students of Information Processing Science:901048Y Second Official Language (Swedish), 2 ECTS credits

For the students of Electrical Engineering: 901048Y Second Official Language (Swedish), 2 ECTS credits