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Early Childhood Education is one of the specializations in the Degree Programme in Teaching and Education. The students in this programme graduate as pedagogical experts in the growth, development and learning of small children for multidisciplinary tasks in education, teaching, research and development.

A Master may find employment in a variety of educational tasks: early childhood education teacher, pre-primary education, administrative and development tasks, training and planning tasks, research, and guidance and management of various educational organizations. A Master may also find employment in the service of organizations and businesses.

The degree of Master of Arts consists of advanced studies in education, minor subject studies and optional studies.

The Master's degree provides the qualifications for working tasks requiring a higher university degree. It can include the pedagogical studies for teachers (60 credits) for teaching qualifications in accordance with the Decree on University Degrees (986/1998) for qualification to function in adult education positions. Based on the Early Childhood Education Act (540/2018), the Master's degree will be a qualification requirement for day care centre directors as of 2030.

Having completed the Master's degree, the student

* has adopted an inquiring and developing grasp at work
* is capable of working actively in the changing social environment of early childhood education
* is capable of working in tasks related to management, educational planning, development, research, teaching, guidance and counselling
* has constructed his/her personal pedagogical expertise through his/her choice of minor subjects and practice sites and by taking part in research and development projects