Study guide's OBS - Minor subject, Basic business studies (online education), 2019-20 information (E)

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Code Change order Name Change order Extent UnitChange order Functions
A635801 Basic Business Studies 25-40 ECTS cr   Oulu Business School  
724830P Introduction to Accounting and  Financial Management 5 ECTS cr      
724831P Introduction to Business Law 5 ECTS cr     Search for instruction 
724832P Economics and The Business Environment 5 ECTS cr      
724833P Introduction to Entrepreneurship 5 ECTS cr      
724834P Basics of Marketing and Sales 5 ECTS cr      
724835P Basics of Management and Organizations 5 ECTS cr      
724836P Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility 5 ECTS cr      
724837P Understanding and managing a business as a dynamic whole - business simulation game 5 ECTS cr