Study guide's OBS - Master of Science, International Business Management, 2019-20 information (E)

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This guide describes the contents of this master's programme. More information about studying at the business school can be found in the general study guide for Oulu Business School's master level students.


Master's Programme in International Business Management

Through its focus on the challenging and complex international organizational settings and organizing contexts including multitude of actors and activities, the International Business Management (IBM) programme brings knowledge on proactive, innovative and collaborative practices that facilitate development of strong sustainable and growing businesses and prospering areas in the globalized world.


General Learning Outcomes:

• Analytical thinking and problem solving – our graduates are able to solve business and/or economic problems and make business decisions.

• Disciplinary knowledge – our graduates demonstrate deep and coherent understanding of an academic field of study.

• Business knowledge - our graduates demonstrate deep understanding of their own profession, and are able to use, process and analyze economic and/or business information.

• Globally responsible leadership – our graduates are able to act as future generators of sustainable value for business and society.

• Communication skills - our graduates demonstrate professional oral and written communication knowledge and skills appropriate for business situations.


List of courses and teaching timetable are available in IBM degree structure diagram.

(HUOM! Opiskelijat, jotka eivät ole Master`s Programme in International Business Management tutkinto-ohjelmassa, katsokaa suomenkielinen opinto-opas, jossa näille opiskelijoille tarkoitettu tutkintorakenne esillä.)

Learning Outcomes in the Degree:

Upon completion of Master´s degree in IBM programme a student is able to evaluate and apply the conceptual tools of management and international business in order to build up a comprehensive and holistic understanding of administrative and organizational phenomena as well as practices. In addition, a student is able to build and manage growth-oriented and international businesses in a successful way. Therefore, he or she can apply and create knowledge about organizations so that multi-cultural needs of firms can be handled well. It means that he or she cannot only collaborate and co-create with others in a firm, but also work individually in work- and business-related interventions. In that way, he or she is experienced in a clear oral and written communication.