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The Early Childhood Education Programme is one of the programmes in the Degree Progrmme in Teaching and Education. The degree programme includes common studies in education, and advanced professional studies that are different in each programme. In the Early Childhood Education Programme, the students first complete the Degree Programme in Teaching and Education (3 years) followed by the broadly-based Master's programme in education (2 years), in which an early childhood education student typically chooses specialization in pedagogical institutions and expertise.

The students in the Early Childhood Education Programme graduate as pedagogical experts in the growth, development and learning of small children for various tasks in the fields of education, teaching, research and development.

• The student is granted the right to study in a five-year Master's programme, as part of which s/he can pursue studies for 60 credits of pedagogical studies for teachers and choose minor subjects from the plentiful choices offered by the university.

• The student acquires strong professional competence and basic theoretical knowledge to allow him or her to think and act in a critical and creative way.

• The programme qualifies the students to function in the positions of kindergarten and pre-school teacher.

The degree of Bachelor of Arts in the Early Childhood Education Programme consists of language and communication studies (10 credits), orientation studies (5 credits), basic (25 credits) and intermediate studies (45 credits) in education, especially early childhood education, professional studies in early childhood education (65 credits), minor subject studies (25 credits), and optional studies (5 credits).

The degree of Master of Arts consists of advanced studies in education specific to the specialization (80 credits), minor subject studies (25 credits) and optional studies (15 credits).


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