Study guide's FEdu - Minor Subjects, 2019-20 information (E)

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- If the Faculty is offering minor subjects organised by the Open University, the course shall be a first or second minor subject that complies with the structure of the degree (multiculturalism, general theology, health education).

- Only minor subjects previously completed/started in the Faculty and Open University minor subjects financed by the Faculty are taken into account in the selection of minor subjects.

- Apply/register for study modules in other faculties as instructed by the faculties in question.

Criteria for minor subject selection
* Primary and early childhood education teacher students are given preference in the following minor subjects: pre-school and primary education (not for kindergarten teacher students), art, physical education, music, technical work, textile work, and the Children´s culture.
Application for minor subjects takes place in the order of preference indicated by the students. If there are more than 20 applicants for a minor subject, the selection of students to the group is determined on the basis of the following criteria:
1. Student’s rank of the choice
2. Minor subjects started/completed before
3. Progress in studies, starting year

Teaching in minor subjects
So far as contact teaching is concerned, all of the studies in a minor subject are arranged in the course of a single academic year.

Please note that the courses in Education in Transition, Multiculturalism and Learning and Educational Technology are in English, while the other subjects are mainly in Finnish.

A250507 Education for Intercultural Competencies 25 credits
A250511 Education in Transition 25 credits
A255102 Special education 25 credits
A255202 Pre-school and primary education 25 credits
A255301 Basic studies in Learning and educational technology 25 credits
A255402 Arts education 25 credits
A255902 Handicrafts/technical work/technology 25 credits
A256002 Handicrafts/textile work/technology 25 credits
A255501 Physical education 25 credits
A255702 Music 25 credits

A250504 Basic studies in education 25 credits
A250505 Intermediate studies in education 35 credits
A212901 Gender Studies, Basic Studies 25 credits
A212902 Gender Studies, Intermediate Studies 35 credits
A250603 Basic studies in psychology 25 credits
A250604 Intermediate studies in psychology 35 credits
A211401 Basic studies in sociology 25 credits
A211402 Intermediate studies in sociology 35 credits