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Address: Information Studies/Communication Studies, P.O. Box 1000, FI-90014 University of Oulu
Telephone: +358-8-553 3350

Admission requirements and commencement of studies
All students of the Master's Degree Programme in International Business Communication have the right to take Communication Studies as a minor subject. As a rule, minor subject studies in Communication are completed during the first year of the Degree Programme. Some of the courses are also available for the students of Information Studies and the Master's Degree Programme in Science Communication (see course descriptions below).

Study guidance
Study guidance is provided by Professor Erkki Karvonen, tel. +358-8-553 3352, and Lecturer Kristiina Suikkari, tel. +358-8-553 3402, Information on office hours is provided at the beginning of each semester.

Learning objectives
The objective of the Communication Studies in the Faculty of Humanities is to provide students with a multifaceted view of communications, particularly from the viewpoint of Business and Organisation communication. The studies comprise theoretical courses in Communication Studies and practical courses in communications. The minor subject studies in communication studies are mainly intended for the students of the master's degree programmes within the Faculty of Humanities. The objective of the studies is to provide students with competence in organizational communication.

Courses at different levels

Basic Studies, 25 credits

Compulsory courses (20 credits):

695100P Introduction to Communications 3 credits
695101P Graphic Design 4 credits
695102P Internet Publishing 4 credits
695104P Communication in Corporations and Other Organizations 3 credits
695105P PR-Communication 3 credits
695107P The Role of Information and Communication in Organization 3 credits

Elective courses (at least 5 credits):

695106P Intercultural Communication 3 credits
695103P Communication Studies Portfolio 2 credits
694597S What is Science Communication? 5 credits
694531S Changing Media Culture 5 credits
694532S Media Law and Ethics in the Media 5 credits