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Early Childhood Special Education Teacher


The Early Childhood Special Education Teacher programme is one of the programmes in the degree programme in education retraining kindergarten and early childhood education teachers into early childhood special education teachers and special education teachers.

The main branches of science in this programme are special education, education, psychology, logopaedics, and sociology. The programme focuses on inclusion (=full participation and equality), lifelong learning, sense of community, emotional and interaction skills, and the meaning of collaboration. The contents of the programme include the various needs for support among children and adolescents, three-tier support, the prerequisites for good development and learning, as well as the various interventions and pedagogical approaches to support the growth, development and learning of children and adolescents.

The programme in special education provides competencies for expert duties in special education, research and counselling.

The programme aims to respond to the needs for training and research in special education in all of northern Finland especially in the field of early childhood education. The studies are implemented through lectures and group teaching, blended learning, learning assignments, independent work, and various occupational and participatory working methods. The studies also include practice periods in early childhood and basic education.

The extent of the programme is 120 credits. The intermediate and advanced studies in special education include studies for qualification as (early childhood) special education teacher. It is also possible to complete 60 credits of pedagogical studies forming part of the studies in the major subject.

The programme aims at educating experts in education mainly for tasks requiring competences in special education in early childhood education. The graduates have diverse skills in special education and good skills for collaboration and interaction.

Having completed the Master's degree, the student

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