Study guide's FHum - Japanese Studies, 2020-21 information (E)

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Japanese Studies

Address: Japanese Studies, PL 1000, 90014 University of Oulu, Finland

Study Counsellor: University Lecturer Seija Jalagin +358-29 448 3363; Academic Affairs Secretary:

Email Address: seija.jalagin (at)



Admission requirements

Japanese Studies can be studied by any student presently registered and enrolled at the University.


Study guidance

Study guidance is offered by the University Lecturer of Japanese Studies, phone: +358 29 448 3363.


Japanese Studies

Japanese Studies is open to all students as a minor subject, and offers a varied and comprehensive opportunity to familiarise oneself with the unique nature of Japanese language and culture. Students are relatively free to create their Basic and Intermediate Study packages from the available courses; or even only study individual courses.


Study packages and learning outcomes

Students are relatively free to compile Basic and Intermediate Study packages from the courses offered. One Basic Level course, Introduction to Japanese Society and Culture (5 ECTS credits), is compulsory, but other courses are optional. In addition, one Intermediate Level course, Article Course (5 ECTS credits), is compulsory. Students are also expected to include at least one year of Japanese language studies into the Intermediate Study package. Otherwise, students can choose their courses freely and focus on a particular topic, e.g. Japanese language, Japanese history, Japanese culture and contemporary Japanese society. After completing the Japanese Studies package, via their area(s) of focus, students have the necessary skills for employment that requires knowledge of Japanese and other East Asian cultures and languages.

Upon completion of the Basic Level Japanese Studies, students will have acquired an understanding of the main features of Japanese culture from the perspectives of history, contemporary society and language. Students will also have acquired the skills necessary for pursuing further advanced study and analysis in the fields of spoken and written language, or a broader study of Asian culture. Students, who have completed the Basic Studies package, are especially qualified to study the differences and similarities as well as the challenges of cultural interaction between Western and Japanese cultures.

Upon completion of the Intermediate Level Japanese Studies, students will have a comprehensive understanding of Japanese culture, history, societal structures and language, and students will have acquired the necessary skills to study in Japan and work in situations that require an understanding of Japanese and East Asian cultures. Students will be especially qualified to apply their written and spoken skills to ensure successful cultural interaction.