Study guide's Master's Programme in Biomedical Engineering, MSc (Tech) and MHSc, 2019-20, 2019-20 information (E)

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Master’s Programme in Biomedical Engineering 2019-2021                      

The Master’s Programme in Biomedical Engineering (BME) is a joint program organized by two faculties, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical engineering (ITEE) and Faculty of Medicine (FMED). Studies include compulsory courses for all BME students, compulsory specialization studies based on the faculty (ITEE or FMED), and optional studies. The student executes compulsory studies 70-72 ECTS credits including master´s thesis 30 ECTS and maturity test, studies of the selected specialization module 25 ECTS credits, and optional studies so that the total extent of the degree is a minimum of 120 ECTS credits. Studies are executed according to the personal study plan with individual timetable depending on the optional studies. Some of the courses are held only every second year.


Compulsory Studies 70-72 ECTS Credits

These are compulsory for all students of the BME Master’s Programme. Studies include compulsory Master’s thesis and Maturity test. Survival Finnish Course (2 ECTS credits) is mandatory for those who are not native Finnish speaking persons nor executed corresponding compensatory course earlier. Each student must prepare a personal study plan as a part of orientation.


Studies of the Selected Specialization Module 25 ECTS Credits

Compulsory studies of the selected option, (1) Signal and Image Processing in ITEE, and (2) Biomechanics and Imaging or (3) Health technology in FMED.


Optional Studies 23-25 ECTS Credits

Optional studies will be executed so that the total extent of the degree is at least 120 credits. Optional studies can be chosen from other modules or from other intermediate and advanced studies that support the degree. In the case of optional studies, if necessary, the student must agree with the organizing department for the participation for the course.