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International Business Communication

Admission requirements

All students registered as attending in the Languages and Literature degree program are eligible to take the International business communication study package. However, the study package is compulsory for language students on the international business communication study line, which is why they have enrollment priority. Other students in the Languages and Literature degree program have second priority. If there is still room, all students in the Faculty of Humanities are eligible to enroll.

Study guidance

Study guidance is offered by Lecturer Satu Selkälä, tel. 029 448 3430,

General information about the study package

The International business communication study package is available to all students in the Languages and Literature degree program. It is intended for students who are interested in organizational communication, technical communication, and marketing, both in Finland and globally. The study package emphasizes the concrete tools needed in the workplaces of today, as well as the effect of culture on the contents and structure of communication. The package builds on the organizational communication studies offered in the different language subjects.

Learning objectives

Upon completion, the students have gained basic skills and knowledge about organizational communication and business cultures and are also able to take different national cultures into consideration in business and technical communication tasks.

Basic studies, 25 ECTS:

693395P Marketing communication 5 ECTS

693396P Service design 5 ECTS

693397P Technical communication 5 ECTS

693398P Cultures and organizations 5 ECTS

693399P Project management 5 ECTS