Study guide's FHum - Working Life Studies, 2019-20 information (E)

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Working Life Studies, 25 credits

This unit is intended for all students of the Faculty of Humanities. Students can either complete the entire unit or take individual courses. There are no mandatory courses; students may choose courses based on their own interests.

After completing the entire unit, the student will have a minor subject worth 25 academic credits that they can add to their degree. Entrepreneurial studies are provided by OBS. If a student takes individual courses, the courses can be added to either

1) the elective studies of the student's major or major subject; this should be agreed with the person in charge of the study subject (its internships)

2) other studies.


Competence objectives: After completing the study unit, the student has basic knowledge of matters related to working life. Based on the emphasis chosen by the student, they are familiar with the basic aspects of entrepreneurship and/or the typical project and administration assignments and/or positions of responsibility in their field. The student is able to recognise and express their own areas of competence, prepare for a job interview in the role of both a job applicant and a recruiter, and independently plan and implement a project as well as assess its implementation and its various stages. The student is able to utilise their work experience and reflect on it in relation to their studies.