Study guide's FEdu - Early Childhood Special Education Teacher, Master's Programme in Special Education, 2019-20 information (E)

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The degree programme trains existing kindergarten teachers, or ones currently studying for the qualification, as early special education teachers, special education teachers and Masters in Special Education.

The Master's degree gives the student a professional competence for various duties in special education, and a scientific readiness to study phenomena and themes in special education. The studies focus on the child's development and deviations in it, identification of development and prerequisites for learning, various interventions, planning and implementation of teaching, and leadership in special education. The role of home and society in a child's development is also discussed in depth. The Master's degree also provides eligibility for scientific postgraduate studies in special education.


The goal of the special education programme is to educate flexible all-round experts with interpersonal skills who understand the essence of special education in a broad context. Special attention is paid during the studies to ethical issues and the student's personal growth, supporting the development of professional identity. Having completed the programme, the student among other things

Contents of the programme

The extent of the programme is 120 credits, including 70 credits of advanced studies in special education and 50 credits of other studies. The student pursues a sufficient amount of intermediate studies in special education and other studies to reach a total of 120 credits. The intermediate and advanced studies in the major subject include the studies needed for qualification as special education teacher/special kindergarten teacher. It is also possible during the degree studies to complete 60 credits of pedagogical studies, part of which contribute to the major subject studies.

The main content of the studies in special education comprises the following themes: learning difficulties and interventions connected with them, models of three-tier support, assessment, professional collaboration, inclusion and teaching practice.

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