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This course catalogue includes the list of courses offered at the Faculty of Education during the academic year 2015-16 for exchange students. The language of instruction for the courses is English. At times with course listed, it might be mentioned that the language of instruction if Finnish and this is due to the fact that we have six Finnish language teacher education groups and one that is taught in English. When looking at the times for courses and registering, it is important to choose the English language programme which is called Intercultural Teacher Education. The often used abbreviation for the group is ITE and this group's sessions are always in English. The courses at the Faculty of Education contain lectures and small group sessions and there might be, at times, some general lectures that are offered only in Finnish, even with ITE group. In these cases, alternative method of completing the courses without taking part in the lectures will be offered in the small groups and we'll do the best we can to notify of such instances in advance. Otherwise at the master's level courses for Education and Globalisation (EDGLO) and Learning, Education and Technology (LET) are always offered in English.

You can see the list of courses, their level (Bachelor’s, Master’s) and their timing (semester, teaching period) under the Courses tab.

All exchange students must submit their exchange application through SoleMOVE and more information on how to apply can be found here:

Accepted exchange students are required to register to all courses. Course registration takes place once you have arrived in Oulu and received your University of Oulu login information. More information on registration will be provided during orientation.

With some courses, there is a limit, how many exchange students are able to participate. This applies to especially arts, music and drama courses. 

It is also possible that more courses are added to or removed from the list and the Faculty of Education reserves a right to make changes to the courses offered. Please note that we generally receive a large amount of exchange students to the Faculty of Education. Thus we are generally only able to enroll students registered to the Faculty of Education and not students from the other faculties at the University of Oulu.

Any questions on courses for exchange students at the Faculty of Education should be addressed between the 1st of August and 31st of December 2015 to:

Sari Vähäkangas, sari.vahakangas(at)

From 1st of January 2016 onwards the person resonsible will be Mr. Jani Haapakoski (jani.haapakoski(at), who is currently on study leave.