Oppaan LuTK - Courses for exchange students, Geography, 2020-21 tiedot

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Courses in English for exchange students at the Field of Geography

This Course Catalogue lists courses taught in English that are available for exchange students at the Field of Geography, Faculty of Science during academic year 2020-21.

When preparing your study plan please use the information provided under the Courses tab in this catalogue. Read carefully the information of each course you wish to take (language of instruction, target group, course content, timing, preceding studies, additional information etc.).

For information on the exchange application process please see www.oulu.fi/university/studentexchange. All exchange applicants must submit their exchange application through SoleMOVE by the deadline given, proposed study plan is attached to the on-line application.

Accepted exchange students are required to register to all courses. Course registration takes place once you have received your University of Oulu login information, this takes place close to the start of your exchange period. When registering you will be able to find detailed information on teaching and schedule under the Instruction tab.

Teaching periods for 2020-21
Autumn term 2020
Period 1: Sept 1 - Oct 25, 2020 (no lectures at the Faculty of Science during week 43: 19.-23.10.2020) 
Period 2: Oct 26 – Dec 18, 2020

Spring term 2021
Period 3: Jan 5 – March 14, 2021 (no lectures at the Faculty of Science during week 10: 8.-12.3.2021) 
Period 4: March 15 – May 9, 2021

For arrival and orientation dates see www.oulu.fi/university/studentexchange/academic-calender


Any questions on courses at the Field of Geography should be addressed to

Ms Outi Kivelä, study.science(at)oulu.fi


Further information on application process and services for incoming exchange students:
www.oulu.fi/university/studentexchange or international.office(at)oulu.fi



The following list of courses gives you an overview of courses taught in the academic year 2020-21 (NB. Check further information under the Courses tab in this catalogue). 

Please note that changes may occur.

Geography courses

CodeCourse nameECTS crPeriodSemesterMode of deliveryLevel
790141PIntroduction to Regional Development and Regional Policy51autumnIndependent work and examBachelor
790161ATourism, development and sustainability51-2autumnOnline & Face-to-face teachingBachelor
792319ARegional politics, policy and development: Northern Europe52autumnFace-to-face teachingBachelor
790346ANature conservation: a geographic perspective51-4autumn/springIndependent essaysBachelor
790349AWorld regional geography51-4autumn/springOnline lecturesBachelor
791635APhysical Geography of Fennoscandia51-4autumn/springOnline lecturesBachelor
790340AGeographies of global development51-4autumn/springIndependent work and examBachelor
790350ASpecial themes in Regional Development and Regional Policy51-4autumn/springIndependent essaysBachelor
790325AApplied literature of Geography1-51-4autumn/springIndependent work and examBachelor
790607SAdvanced literature of Geography1-51-4autumn/springIndependent work and examMaster
790101PGIS-basics and Cartography53springFace-to-face teachingBachelor
790102PIntroduction to the systematic Physical Geography53springFace-to-face teachingBachelor
790320ATourism planning and development54springFace-to-face teachingBachelor
790610SSustainable tourism development in Northern environments103springOnline lecturesMaster
791613SPosition based analyses and services in geography54springFace-to-face teachingMaster
791626SMethodological special themes in Physical Geography54springFace-to-face teachingMaster
791621SPolitical geography53springFace-to-face teachingMaster
791629STraditions and current issues in tourism research53springFace-to-face teachingMaster
791632SSustainable development and global tourism54springFace-to-face teachingMaster


Finnish language courses

Exchange students can also take Finnish language courses. Completion of 900017Y Survival Finnish is required before taking 900013Y Beginners' Finnish Course 1. Exchange students who are required by their home university to take a Finnish language course during their exchange, will have a privilege to have these courses.