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University’s new study guide for academic year 2020-2021 is published at https://opas.peppi.oulu.fi

The study guide includes information on degrees, curriculums, courses and course timetables. Course registrations are still done in Oodi.

If you have questions on information in the study guide, please contact the respective study field's Academic Affairs Service Team https://www.oulu.fi/forstudents/faculty-study-affairs


Courses in English for exchange students at the Faculty of Humanities

This Course Catalogue lists courses taught in English that are available for exchange students at the Faculty of Humanities during academic year 2020-21.

When preparing your study plan please use the information provided under the Courses tab in this catalogue. Read carefully the information of each course you wish to take (language of instruction, target group, course content, timing, preceding studies, additional information etc.).

Recommended workload is 30 credits per term, 60 credits for a full year exchange. 

For information on the exchange application process please see www.oulu.fi/university/studentexchange. All exchange applicants must submit their exchange application through SoleMOVE by the deadline given, proposed study plan has to be attached to the on-line application.

Accepted exchange students are required to register to all courses. Course registration takes place once you have received your University of Oulu login information, this takes place close to the start of your exchange period. When registering you will be able to find detailed information on teaching and schedule under the Instruction tab.

Teaching periods for 2020-21
Autumn term 2020
Period 1: Sept 1 - Oct 25, 2020
Period 2: Oct 26 – Dec 18, 2020

Spring term 2021
Period 3: Jan 5 – March 14, 2021
Period 4: March 15 – May 9, 2021

For arrival and orientation dates see www.oulu.fi/university/studentexchange/academic-calender

Any questions on courses at the Faculty of Humanities should be addressed to:

Ms Ulla Alanko
Education Designer

Further information on application process and services for incoming exchange students:
www.oulu.fi/university/studentexchange or international.office(at)oulu.fi


687368A Introduction to Osteology (5 ECTS), Autumn
687370A Spatial Archaeology (5 ECTS), Autumn
687364A Study of the North and Northern Archaeology (5 ECTS), Spring
687365A Data Acquisition and Information Processing in Archaeology I (5 ECTS), Spring

Cultural Anthropology
687361P Biology and Culture (5 ECTS), Spring
687244A Applied and Development Anthropology (5 ECTS), Autumn
687215S Advanced Anthropological Theory (5 ECTS), Autumn 
687216S Advanced Anthropological Methods (5 ECTS), Spring


682484P Communication technologies and language

700322A Cultural and International Interaction (5 ECTS), Autumn

700625A Advanced Studies in Philosophy of Science or in Theory and Philosophy of History (5 ECTS), Autumn

English Language and Culture
(ONLY for students coming from the partner universities of English Philology and having English as major subject in their home university.)

Intermediate Courses Autumn 2020

682433A Workshop in Close Reading (5 ECTS)
682383A Conversation Analysis (5 ECTS)
682384A Digital Humanities (5 ECTS)
682388A Learning in Everyday Environments (5 ECTS)
682392A Introduction to Irish Studies (5 ECTS)
682393A Ireland: Poetry of the Nation (5 ECTS)
682442S Research Methods in SLA (5 ECTS, nonstop online course)

Advanced Courses Autumn 2020

682437S The study of professional discourse (5 ECTS)
682438S Current topics in teaching English (5 ECTS)
682442S Research Methods in SLA (5 ECTS, nonstop online course)
682439S Intermedial Experience of Horror I (5 ECTS)
682355S English in Finland (5 ECTS, nonstop online course)
682360S British and Irish Art (5 ECTS)
682425S From Milton to Arnold – the Classical Epic in English (5 ECTS)
682362S Language and Language Editing (5 ECTS)

Intermediate Courses Spring 2021

682434A English as a Lingua Franca (5 ECTS)
682386A Language Variation and Sociolinguistics (5 ECTS)
682391A Critical Study of Cultural Practices (5 ECTS)
682390A British Drama: Shakespeare and Beyond (5 ECTS)
682484P Communication technologies and language (5 ECTS)
682442S SLA Research Methods (5 ECTS, nonstop online course)

Advanced Courses Spring 2021

682442S SLA Research Methods (5 ECTSnonstop online course)
682440S Intermedial Experience of Horror II (5 ECTS)
682400S Interaction and Multimodality (5 ECTS)
682355S English in Finland (5 ECTS, nonstop online course)
682369S Approaches to Cultural Interaction (5 ECTS)
682406S Political Developments in the UK (5 ECTS)
682359S Poetry of Nation and Identity (5 ECTS)
682358S Advanced Irish Studies (5 ECTS)
682417S Middle English: Literature, Language and History (5 ECTS)
682362S Language and Language Editing (5 ECTS)

Scandinavian Studies Programme
Please see the separate course catalogue in WebOodi