Oppaan KTK - Education and Globalisation (EDGLO), KM, 2019-20 tiedot

Etusivu Opetus Tentit Tutkintorakenteet Opintojaksot

Education and Globalisation (EDGLO) is a full-time two-year international Master's programme. Students major in educational sciences. The central aim of the programme is to develop quality in education and to equip students to exercise socially responsible leadership in complex and diverse societies. The programme emphasises North-South-East-West dialogue and includes studies in international education, interculturalism, globalisation and their effects on various sectors of education.

More specifically, the programme focuses on ethics, policy, planning, curriculum, evaluation and comparative research in education. It aims to develop the appropriate competencies and knowledge needed in planning, evaluation, research and development tasks in education and related fields in the midst of societal changes, both on the local and global levels. Students will be awarded an MA (Education) degree with the possibility to continue for doctoral studies

Students are expected to complete their studies within two years' time.

Course structure diagram is available at http://www.oulu.fi/edu/degree%20structures.