Oppaan TTK - Courses in English for exchange students, Field of Mechanical Engineering, 2019-20 tiedot

Etusivu Opetus Tentit Opintojaksot

Courses in English for Exchange Students in the Study Field of Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Technology during the Academic Year 2019-20

This Course Catalogue lists the Mechanical Engineering courses taught, or othervise available in English for exchange students during the academic year 2019-20.

Course languages: Most of the Mechanical Engineering courses are lectured in Finnish, but there is an alternative method for completing the course in English: E.g. a book exam = the course has reading materials (self-study materials: books, lecture notes, etc.) available in English and these materials replace the lectures taught in Finnish. Possible practical exercises and final exams are taught/given in English.

Course availability: The listed courses are available for exchange students hosted by the Faculty of Technology / Study Field Mechanical Engineering, if they have the previous knowledge requirements of the course. Exchange students hosted by other University of Oulu faculties usually cannot take these courses especially if they do not have the required previous knowledge. They must contact the Exchange Coordinator of the Faculty of Technology (contact info below) to ask if it is possible to participate.

When preparing your proposed study plan (Learning Agreement) please use the information provided under the Courses tab in this catalogue. Read carefully the information of each course you wish to take (language of instruction, target group, course content, timing, preceding studies, additional information etc.).

For information on the exchange application process please see www.oulu.fi/university/studentexchange. All exchange applicants must submit their exchange application through SoleMOVE by the deadline given, proposed study plan is attached to the on-line application.

Accepted exchange students are required to register to all courses. Course registration takes place once you have received your University of Oulu login information, this takes place close to the start of your exchange period. When registering you will be able to find detailed information on teaching and schedule under Instruction tab.

Course schedules are periodical: Courses organized during periods 1-2 are given on the autumn term (September-December), and respectively periods 3-4 refer to courses given during the spring term (January-May).

Teaching periods for 2019-20

Autumn term 2019
Period 1: Sept 2 - Oct 25, 2019
Period 2: Oct 28 – Dec 20, 2019

Spring term 2020
Period 3: Jan 7 – March 6, 2020
Period 4: March 9 – May 8, 2020

For arrival and orientation dates see www.oulu.fi/university/studentexchange/academic-calender

Any questions on the Mechanical Engineering courses at the Faculty of Technology should be addressed to:

M.Sc. Marita Puikkonen
Faculty International Coo
for Student Exchange 
Incoming & Outgoing Mobility
Faculty of Technology, University of Oulu, Finland
Email: Study.Technology(at)oulu.fi fi


Further information on application process and services for incoming exchange students:
www.oulu.fi/university/studentexchange or international.office(at)oulu.fi