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Courses in English for exchange students at the Faculty of Medicine

This Course Catalogue lists courses taught in English that are available for exchange students at the Faculty of Medicine during academic year 2018-19.

When preparing your study plan please use the information provided under the Courses tab in this catalogue. Read carefully the information of each course you wish to take (language of instruction, target group, course content, timing, preceding studies, additional information etc.).

For information on the exchange application process please see All exchange applicants must submit their exchange application through SoleMOVE by the deadline given, proposed study plan is attached to the on-line application.

Accepted exchange students are required to register to all courses. Course registration takes place once you have received your University of Oulu login information, this takes place close to the start of your exchange period. When registering you will be able to find detailed information on teaching and schedule under Instruction tab.

Teaching periods for 2018-19
Autumn term 2018
13.8.2018 - 21.12.2018

Spring term 2019
7.1.2019 - 31.5.2019

For arrival and orientation dates see

Any questions on courses should be addressed to the coordinator of the degree programme you are studying. If you wish to choose any course from the degree you are not studying please contact the coordinator responsible for that degree.

Medicine: Virpi Parkkila, virpi.parkkila(at)

Dentistry: Virpi Harila, virpi.harila(at)

Biomedical Engineering: Maisa Niemelä, maisa.niemela(at)

Nursing Science and Health Management: Pirjo Kaakinen, pirjo.kaakinen(at)

Further information on application process and services for incoming exchange students: or



Course codes include information on the level of course.
xxxxxP, xxxxxY = basic, introductory level courses
xxxxxA = for 2-3 year students, Bachelor level courses
xxxxxS = for 4-5 year students, Master level courses


These courses are available for all exchange students at the Faculty of Medicine:

080928S Biomedical Engineering Research Methods and Seminar, 5 ECTS (autumn)          

080915S Tissue Biomechanics, 5 ECTS (autumn)

041201A Basics in eHealth, 5 ECTS (autumn & spring)

080926A Introduction to Biomedical Imaging Methods, 1-3 ECTS (spring)

090510A Organisation of oral health care in Finland, 1.0 ECTS      

060723A Research Project, 1.0-30.0 ECTS, (anytime)

UniPID Virtual Studies:


Courses for medical exchange students:

061001A Paediatrics, 14 ECTS (autumn)

060704A-01 Orthopaedics and Traumatology 4.0 ECTS, (autumn)      

060704A-03 Urology, 2.0 ECTS, (autumn)

060704A-04 Exam of Gastroenterological Surgery, 2.0 ECTS, (autumn and spring)               

060720A Obesity Minisymposium, 1.2 ECTS (Surgery and Internal Medicine), (autumn)

060709A-01 Cardiology, 3.0 ECTS, (autumn)

060709A-02 Endocrinology, 3.0 ECTS, (autumn)

060709A-03 Nephrology, 2.0 ECTS, (autumn)

060709A-04 Exam of Rheumatology, 1.0 ECTS, (autumn and spring)               

060703A Respiratory Medicine, 3.0 ECTS, (autumn)  

060710A Oncology and Radiotherapy, 3.5 ECTS, (autumn)  

060702A Dermatology and Venereology, 3.0 ECTS, (autumn)  

060701A Exam of Anaesthesiology, 1.5 ECTS, (autumn and spring)

060706A Neurosurgery, 3.5 ECTS (spring)

Additionally, medical students are allowed to carry out internships in several specialties: radiology, anaesthesiology, emergency medicine, cardiology (max. 1 week), respiratory medicine (max. 1 week), general internal medicine (max. 1 week), infectious diseases and gastroenterology, haematology, oncology, neurology, neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, vascular surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, urology, plastic surgery, hand surgery, orthopaedics, traumatology, paediatric surgery, paediatrics, child psychiatry, obstetrics and gynaecology, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, dermatology and venereology.

There are limited amount of placements in each specialty and the accepted amount of students will vary by specialty. The timing of internships varies too. Further information may be obtained from International Coordinator Virpi Parkkila, virpi.parkkila(at)


Courses for dental exchange students:

090501A-14 Light curing technique for dental exchange students, 0.2 ECTS

090501A-12 The principles of endodontics, literature exam, 2.0 ECTS

090510A-13 Dental anxiety, 3.0 ECTS

090502A-13 Dental traumas, tooth transplantations and maxillomandibular fractures, 0.5 ECTS    

090503A-15 Esthetics in prosthodontics, 0.2 ECTS

090505A-21 Glass fibers in periodontal and prosthetic treatment 0.3 ECTS

090601A-11 Introduction to orthodontics, 3.0 ECTS

090503A-16 Literature exam: Fixed prosthodontics, 2.5 ECTS

090503A-17 Literature exam: Prosthetic treatment of edentulous patient, 3.0 ECTS

090504A-04 Literature exam: Stomatognathic physiology part I, 1.0 ECTS

090504A-06 Literature exam: Stomatognathic physiology part II, 2.5 ECTS

090510A-12 Organisation of oral health care in Finland, 1.0 ECTS      

090501A-13 Pediatric Dentistry for Erasmus Exchange Students 2.5 ECTS

090505A-20 Periodontal instrumentation, phantom training, 0.3 ECTS

090505A-17 Periodontology: Clinical diagnosis, risk assessment, prognosis and treatment plan, literature exam 1.0 ECTS

090505A-18 Periodontology: Periodontal therapy, literature exam 1.0 ECTS

090505A-19 Periodontology: Periodontal surgery, literature exam 1.5 ECTS

090601A-10 Oral and craniofacial growth and development: genetic, epigenetic, clinical and experimental approach, 0.8 ECTS

090302A-07 Oral & Maxillofacial Pathologyliterature exam 3.0 ECTS

090607A The courses given by the Institute of Dentistry within the Erasmus-project, 0-60 ECTS


Courses for exchange students of biomedical engineering

041201A Basics in eHealth, 5.0 ECTS (autumn & spring)

080928S Biomedical Engineering Research Methods and Seminar, 5.0 ECTS (autumn)

080927S Connected Health and mHealth, 5.0 ECTS (autumn)          

080920S Diagnostic Imaging, 5.0 ECTS (autumn)

080915S Tissue Biomechanics, 5.0 ECTS (autumn)

764327A Virtual measurement environments, 5.0 ECTS (autumn)

080925A Anatomy and Physiology for Biomedical Engineering, 5.0 ECTS (spring)

080916S Biomechanics of Human Movement, 5.0 ECTS (spring)

080922S Microscopy and Spectroscopic Imaging, 5.0 ECTS (spring)

080926A Introduction to Biomedical Imaging Methods, 1.0-3.0 ECTS (spring)

080929S Health Technology and Multimodal Monitoring, 5.0 ECTS (spring)

080917S Project in Biomedical Technology, 5.0-10.0 ECTS (anytime)*

080918S Project in Medical Imaging, 5.0-10.0 ECTS (anytime)*

080919S Project in Health Technology, 5.0-10.0 ECTS (anytime)*

580201A Biomedical Engineering Programming Study, 5.0 ECTS (anytime)*

580202S Biomedical Engineering Project, 5.0-10.0 ECTS (anytime)*

*The student can choose only one project work. Please note that the topic will not be confirmed before the beginning of the semester.


The exchange students of biomedical engineering are able to choose field related courses also from other faculties. Some of the possibilities are listed below.

521273S Biosignal Processing l, 5.0 ECTS (autumn)

521124S Sensors and Measuring Techniques, 5.0 ECTS (autumn)

521240S Biophotonics and Biomedical Optics, 5.0 ECTS (autumn)

521285S Affective Computing, 5.0 ECTS (autumn)

521282S Biosignal Processing 2, 5.0 ECTS (spring)

521093S Biomedical Instrumentation, 5.0 ECTS (spring)

521466S Machine Vision, 5.0 ECTS (spring)

521289S Machine learning, 5.0 ECTS (spring)

521097S Wireless Measurements, 5.0 ECTS (spring)


Courses for exchange students of health sciences

Basic studies of health sciences: 

351203P Introduction to Health Sciences, 5.0 ECTS

351204P Foundations of Philosophy and Research Methods in Health Sciences, 5.0 ECTS

351205P Foundations of Health Care Education, 5.0 ECTS

351206P Health Care Systems in Finland and Inter-professional Networking, 5.0 ECTS

351207P Foundations of Health Care Legislation, 5.0 ECTS