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Code Change order Name Change order Extent UnitChange order Functions
040401A Dissection 3 ECTS cr   Medicine  
080722A Elective Course of Surgery 1 ECTS cr   Medicine Search for instruction 
040405S Experimantal pharmakology 1.5 ECTS cr   Medicine  
040419S Management of acute pain - simulation trainig 0.5 ECTS cr   Medicine  
040300A Maturity exam (native language) 0 ECTS cr / 0 cu  Medicine  
040415S Refresh course of resuscitation 1.5 ECTS cr   Medicine  
080723A Surgical operations-optional course 1 ECTS cr   Medicine Search for instruction 
080705S Thesis 20 ECTS cr   Medicine  
080705S-01 Thesis, Study plan 4 ECTS cr   Medicine  
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