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Code Change order Name Change order Extent UnitChange order Functions
A111002 Cultural Anthropology, intermediate studies 45 ECTS cr   Faculty of Humanities  
687241A Anthropology of Religion 5 ECTS cr      
687244A Applied and Development Anthropology 5 ECTS cr      
687212A Bachelor's Seminar 10 ECTS cr      
687242A Economic and Environmental Anthropology 5 ECTS cr      
687240A Introduction to Ethnography 5 ECTS cr      
687213A Maturity Test for Bachelor's Degree / Cultural Anthropology 0 ECTS cr / 0 cu     
687227Y Personal Study Plan 2 (Bachelor's degree) 0 ECTS cr / 0 cu     
687243A Political Anthropology 5 ECTS cr      
687245A Seminar on Anthropological Theory 5 ECTS cr      
687250A Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology 5 ECTS cr      
700333P Research Methods 5 ECTS cr   Faculty of Humanities  
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