Study guide's FEdu - Master's Programme in Primary Teacher Education, MA (Education) (includes Taika and Tekno), 2019-20 information (E)

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Courses included in the catalogue

Code Change order Name Change order Extent UnitChange order Functions
A250541 Education, Advanced Studies (LO) 70-80 ECTS cr   Faculty of Education  
408045S Abstract / Maturity Test 0 ECTS cr / 0 cu     
413031S Advanced course in qualitative research 5 ECTS cr      
413030S Advanced course in quantitative research 5 ECTS cr      
408035S Educational Administration and Cooperation in School 5 ECTS cr      
408037S Master's Level School Experience and Pedagogical Seminar 15 ECTS cr     Search for instruction 
408043S Master's Thesis 30 ECTS cr      
408036S School in Society - Society in School 5 ECTS cr      
408038S Thematic Practice 5 ECTS cr      
408044S Thesis Seminar 5 ECTS cr     Search for instruction