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     Functions Change order Code Change order NameChange order TypeChange order ECTS cr TeacherChange order Schedule Change order
     Registration has ended. 491686S Advanced rock mechanics Course 5 Adeyemi Aladejare
28.10.19 -18.12.19
     Registration has ended. 477713S Automation in Mineral Processing Course 5 Markku Ohenoja
10.03.20 -22.04.20
     Registration has ended. 494601S Electrical and EM-methods I Course 5 Moisio, Kari Juhani
03.09.19 -21.10.19
     Registration has ended. 494602S Electrical and EM-methods II Course 5 Elena Kozlovskaya
07.01.20 -21.02.20
     Registration has ended. 492602S Financial and Project valuation of mining Course 5 Adeyemi Aladejare
29.10.19 -20.12.19
     Registration has ended. 772694S Geometallurgy and mineral processing Course 5 Jussi-Pekka Liipo
04.11.19 -11.12.19
     Registration has ended. 494603S GIS applications Course 5 Moisio, Kari Juhani
31.10.19 -12.12.19
     Registration has ended. 493606S Mine Geology Course 5 Zongxian Zhang
06.09.19 -01.11.19
     Registration has ended. 492600S Mining Engineering Course 10 Adeyemi Aladejare
08.01.20 -22.04.20
     Registration has ended. 493609S Mining, Environment and Society Course 5 Saija Luukkanen
16.01.20 -12.03.20
     Registration has ended. 493301A Mining geophysics Course 5 Elena Kozlovskaya
02.09.19 -30.10.19
     Registration has ended. 492603S Mining Project Feasibility Study Course 5 Marcos de Paiva Bueno
09.03.20 -27.04.20
     Registration has ended. 493605S Ore Benefication Technologies Course 5 Maria Sinche Gonzalez
05.09.19 -24.10.19
     Registration has ended. 491687S Process modeling in mineral processing Course 5 Maria Sinche Gonzalez
22.10.19 -17.12.19
     Registration has ended. 491602S Professional practical training Course 5 Kirsi *Marita Puikkonen
01.10.19 -07.04.20
     Registration has ended. 493607S Quality requirements of concentrate Course 5 Saija Luukkanen
09.01.20 -27.02.20
     Registration has ended. 492608S Rock Blasting Course 5 Zongxian Zhang
28.10.19 -10.12.19
     Registration has ended. 491688S Rock Dynamics and Applications Course 5 Adeyemi Aladejare
11.09.19 -23.10.19
     Registration has ended. 494604S Seismic soundings Course 5 Moisio, Kari Juhani
09.03.20 -27.04.20
     Registration has ended. 492607S Stress Wave Theory and Applications Course 5 Zongxian Zhang
09.09.19 -22.10.19
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