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     Registration has ended. 080925A Anatomy and Physiology for Biomedical Engineering Course 5 Mikko Finnilä
09.03.20 -27.04.20
     Registration has ended. 041201A Basics in eHealth - on-line course autumn 2019 Course 5 Jarmo Reponen
28.10.19 -20.12.19
     Registration has ended. 041201A Basics in eHealth - on-line course spring 2020 Course 5 Jarmo Reponen
07.01.20 -06.03.20
     Registration has ended. 090622A Dental traumas, tooth transplantations and maxillomandibular fractures Course 0.5
     Registration has ended. 090623A Esthetics in prosthodontics Course 0.2 Ritva Näpänkangas
28.10.19 -21.04.20
     Registration has ended. 090632A Glass fibers in periodontal and prosthetic treatment Course 0.3
24.03.20 -27.03.20
     Registration has ended. 080926A Introduction to Biomedical Imaging Methods 1-3 ECTS cr Course 3 Lassi Rieppo
10.03.20 -23.04.20
     Registration has ended. 090621A Light curing technique for dental exchange students Course 0.2 Tarja Tanner
     Registration has ended. 090635A Oral and craniofacial growth and development: genetic, epigenetic, clinical and experimental approac Course 0.8 Pirttiniemi, Pertti Mikael
01.10.19 -18.03.20
     Registration has ended. 090633A Organisation of oral health care in Finland Course 1 Saujanya Karki,
Marja-Liisa Laitala
12.11.19 -20.03.20
     Registration has ended. 090617A Other studies given by the Institute of Dentistry within the Erasmus-project Course 0
29.10.19 -18.02.20
     Registration has ended. 090631A Periodontal instrumentation, phantom training Course 0.3
     Registration has ended. 764327A Virtual measurement environments Course 5 Jämsä, Timo Jaakko
06.11.19 -11.12.19
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