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If a study module has been divided into several sub-modules (e.g. 123456Y-02), not all of them are necessarily mentioned separately in the study guide. You can search for sub-modules by choosing "Search" below "Instruction / courses" on WebOodi's main menu. You can search for courses according to different search criteria, for example the study module's code (123456Y).

Please note that some study modules and examinations cannot be found in WebOodi. If you cannot find the study module or sub-module you are searching for, contact the organizing unit.
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     Registration has ended. 687365A Arkeologinen tiedonhankinta ja käsittely I Course 5 Okkonen, Jari Pekka
08.05.20 -29.05.20
     Registration has ended. 700321A Arktinen historia / Suomen autonomian ajan maataloushistoria Course 5 Salo, Matti Tapani
14.01.20 -25.02.20
     Registration has ended. 700321A Conncetivity Course 5 Ritva Kylli
26.11.19 -19.12.19
     Registration has ended. 682383A Conversation Analysis Course 5 Marika Helisten,
Mirka Rauniomaa
03.09.19 -26.11.19
     Registration has ended. 682391A Critical Study of Cultural Practices   Course 5 Mari Holmström,
Maarit Siromaa
10.01.20 -03.04.20
     Registration has ended. 682384A Digital Humanities Course 5 Steven Coats
12.09.19 -05.12.19
     Registration has ended. 682385A Discourse Studies Course 5 Marjukka Käsmä
09.09.19 -14.10.19
     Cancelled 682392A Introduction to Irish Studies Course 5 John Braidwood
11.09.19 -18.12.19
     682353A Language and Learning Course 5 Tiina Keisanen
10.09.19 -26.11.19
     Registration has ended. 682386A Language Variation and Sociolinguistics Course 5 Steven Coats
08.01.20 -18.03.20
     Registration has ended. 010133A Northern Memory and Identity Course 6 Työlahti, Nina Heleena
30.01.20 -02.04.20
     Registration has ended. 687368A Osteologian peruskurssi/introduction to Osteology Course 5 Heli Maijanen
10.09.19 -17.12.19
     Registration has ended. 700324A Paleografia ja vanhojen asiakirjalähteiden kurssi Course 5 Matti Enbuske
09.03.20 -09.04.20
     Registration has ended. 687364A Pohjoisuus ja pohjoinen arkeologia Course 5
07.01.20 -21.02.20
     Registration has ended. 687370A Spatial Archaeology Course 5 Okkonen, Jari Pekka
28.10.19 -19.11.19
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