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     Registration has ended. 740381A Biochemical and biomedical innovation Course 2
02.10.19 -03.12.19
     Registration has ended. 740362A Cellular Biology Course 6 Henrika Honkanen
11.02.20 -29.05.20
     Registration has ended. 740366A Cellular Communication Course 6 Thomas Kietzmann
04.09.19 -01.11.19
     Registration has ended. 740384A Introduction to immunology Course 5 Zhi Chen
03.02.20 -11.02.20
     Registration has ended. 740363A Microbiology Course 6 Pospiech, Helmut
23.03.20 -15.05.20
     Registration has ended. 740374A Microbiology Course 3 Pospiech, Helmut
23.03.20 -03.04.20
     Registration has ended. 740361A Molecular Biology I Course 8 Aki Manninen,
Mirva Saaranen
03.09.19 -18.10.19
     Registration has ended. 740386A Physiological Biochemistry Course 5 Kalervo Hiltunen
14.01.20 -28.02.20
     Registration has ended. 740364A Protein Chemistry I Course 8
11.09.19 -13.12.19
     Registration has ended. 740385A Virology Course 5 Thomas Kietzmann
07.01.20 -05.02.20
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