Study guide's FTech - Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing, M.Sc. (Tech.), 2019-20 information (E)

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The Master’s Programme of Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing serves mining industry by educating professionals familiar with the principles of safe and sustainable mining and mineral processing; able to design and manage the activities accordingly.

The Master’s Programme of Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing as well as the respective international Master’s Programme Mineral Resources and Sustainable Mining has three study options (majors) to choose from: Mining Engineering, Mineral Processing and Applied Geophysics. The curriculum includes advanced level courses in the chosen major, as well as in process engineering and geosciences, etc. The Master’s studies give the students profound understanding of the design, research and planning operations in mining engineering, mineral processing or in applied geophysics.

Study option Mining Engineering gives student excellent knowledge on the mine value chain and the phases therein. The graduating student will understand economical, regulatory, geological and technical principles related to the sustainable mining. He/she is specialized in the processes of for example rock engineering and excavation techniques and recognizes the environmental and social aspects of the mining.

In the study option Mineral Processing students will master the unit processes used in processing of the minerals and is aware of the geological, technical, economical and legal aspects of the sustainable operations. The students know mineral processing techniques, phenomena and automation, and simulation techniques used in concentrating plants.

The studies in the study option Applied Geophysics train the student to master the main geophysical methods and measurement techniques and to analyze the data obtained and apply the knowledge in the whole mine life cycle, taking the requirements of the sustainable mining into account.