Study guide's OBS - Master of Science, Economics, 2019-20 information (E)

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This guide describes the contents of this master's programme. More information about studying at the business school can be found in the general study guide for Oulu Business School's master level students.


Master's Programme in Economics

The programme offers students a strong theoretical and methodological knowledge in Economics. The learning process in economics is based on a cumulative increase of understanding about the economic processes. Exercises and writing of term papers are included in lecture series. Reading of scientific international journals is an essential part of the studies.


General Learning Outcomes:


List of courses and teaching timetable are available in Economics degree diagram.

(HUOM! Opiskelijat, jotka eivät ole International Master`s Programme in Economics tutkinto-ohjelmassa, katsokaa suomenkielinen opinto-opas, jossa näille opiskelijoille tarkoitettu tutkintorakenne esillä.)


After completing the Master of Science in Economics, the student: