Study guide's FEdu - Master's Programme in Primary Teacher Education, MA (Education) (includes Taika and Tekno), 2019-20 information (E)

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Primary Teacher Education specifically aims at working in the learning and growth environments of the basic education grades 0 to 6. The programme gives the student plentiful capabilities in pedagogy, didactics and subject mastery to encounter educational challenges in the future school.

The studies offer ingredients for the construction of a student’s own pedagogical views and activities, and they guide the student to become aware of the social meaning of a primary teacher’s work. In addition to the courses offered by the Faculty of Education, the student can also apply for a right to pursue studies in the modules offered by five other faculties.

Learning outcomes in the Master’s degree:

The student is capable of managing and developing complicated and creative modules related to education and learning.
The student knows how to work in a multiprofessional and multicultural work community.
The student knows how to analyze theoretical knowledge on education, teaching and learning and how to create new knowledge based on it.
The student is able to act empathetically, ethically and with pedagogical tact and knows how to evaluate his/her own activity in different situations.
The student knows how to plan and implement teaching based on research with due considerations of the learners.
The student is capable of analyzing the relationship between education and society, making conclusions on it and applying his/her conclusions to develop educational communities.
The student knows how to analyze his/her own conception of man and social and cultural assumptions related to childhood.
The student is capable of socially responsible and ethically sustainable leadership in his/her duties in the field of teaching and education.
The student knows how to analyze critically his/her working life skills and how to develop them in an appropriate mann.