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902155Y Medical English, 3 ECTS cr 
Code 902155Y  Validity 01.01.2017 -
Name Medical English  Abbreviation Medical English 
Scope3 ECTS cr   
TypeLanguage and Communication Studies Discipline8006 Language studies, English 
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Unit Languages and Communication 

Eva Braidwood 

Proficiency level 



This course is compulsory for students of medicine and dentistry. It is recommended for 1st year students.

Required proficiency level 

Students are expected to have had English as their A1 or A2 language at school or have acquired equivalent skills.

ECTS Credits 

3 op /ECTS = 80 hrs

Language of instruction 



The course consists of 3 modules. Module 1 is held in the autumn semester, during period I & II. Groups in Module 2 are held in periods II and III, and Module 3 is held in period IV.


Learning outcomes 

Having completed the course successfully, students will be able to:

- understand and use basic medical terminology appropriately, and learn strategies for expanding your own medical vocabulary (MODULES 1 & 2);

- understand medical case reports related to specific body systems (MODULE 2);

- demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively with patients (patient-centred interviewing), and discuss cases with medical professionals using professional medical English (MODULE 2);

- discuss and present topics of interest in clinical psychology (MODULE 3);

- follow the conventions of scientific communication and general medical practice (MODULE 2);

- produce specific text types in English (scientific summary and scientific poster) (MODULES 1 & 3).


The course consists of three modules.

Module 1 is integrated with the Cell Biology course. Students learn the structure, rules and conventions of appropriate language use in scientific reports and proctice writing a scientific summary in English. This module is scheduled for Year 1 Period I (autumn semester in the first year).

Module 2 focuses on medical terminology and anatomy. Students learn the basics of medical terminology, and develop their own strategy for mastering English medical terms related to the body systems and their functions. Students will read case reports and learn about effective doctor-patient and doctor-doctor communication.  This module is scheduled in Year 1 Period II-IV.

Module 3 is integrated with the course in clinical psychology. Students will report about the case studies they analyse and discuss in the Clinical Psychology course. To this end, they will work in teams and prepare a scientific abstract and an e-poster in English, which they will present in a mini-conference at the end of the term. This module is scheduled in Year 1 Period IV.

Mode of delivery 

Module 1: lectures supported by web-based practice and tutorials (writing clinic)

Module 2: contact teaching with online elements and web-based practice

Module 3: small group sessions with online support (the same groups as in the Clinical psychology course)

Learning activities and teaching methods 

Module 1: 12 hrs = 0.5 ECTS  

12 hrs of guided teaching in the form of 1 lecture, 10 hrs independent work online, tutorial if needed

Module 2: 54 hrs = 2 ECTS    

20-26 hrs guided teaching and 34-28 hrs independent work – Alternatively, students with C1 language skills can complete the course by participating in 10-14 hrs contact lessons and 40 hrs self-study and team work.

Module 3: 14 hrs = 0.5 ECTS credits  

8-10 hrs guided teaching, online learning and team work, 4-6 hrs participating in mini-conference.

Target group 

Students studying medicine and dentistry; in the first year of their studies at the Faculty of Medicine.

Prerequisites and co-requisites 

Students taking the course should have studied English as their first foreign language and should have B1-B2-level language skills (CEFR scale).

Recommended optional programme components 

The course is integrated with Cell biology and Clinical psychology.

Recommended or required reading 

The course material is based on scientific texts and publications in leading medical journals. The selection of texts varies every year depending on the leading themes in the field (cell biology, clinical psychology). Module 2 is based on common medical terminology material and anatomy and physiology texts as well as case reports published in leading medical journals. The selection of material and sources are available for students in the university’s electronic learning platform (Moodle) and through the university library.

Assessment methods and criteria 

The course utilises continuous assessment. During the three modules students will be compiling a learning journal with glossary. The journal contains the texts students produce in Module 1 and Module 3, the glossary of medical terms they compile in Module 2 and additional learning material they use and produce for doctor-patient communication (sample dialogues, extracts from case reports). Peer-feedback will also be utilised and counted in the final assessment. The assessment criteria and matrix will be available in Moodle.


The course uses continuous assessment and numerical grading scale 1-5.


Person responsible 

Eva Braidwood

Working life cooperation 

The course includes guest lectures as and when available.

Other information 

Students with advanced (C1) language skills can complete the alternative version of Module 2 (less contact hrs and more independent/team work).


Current and future instruction
Functions Name Type ECTS cr Teacher Schedule
registration period has not begun English medical communication: AUTUMN  Course  Eva Braidwood  09.08.21 -18.11.21
registration period has not begun English medical communication  Course  Eva Braidwood  17.02.22 -04.05.22

Future examinations
Functions Name Type ECTS cr Teacher Schedule
registration period has not begun English medical communication_Module II_ SPRING exam  Exam  Eva Braidwood  20.09.21
registration period has not begun English medical communication: AUTUMN exam  Exam  Eva Braidwood  26.11.21
registration period has not begun English medical communication exam  Exam  Eva Braidwood  02.05.22
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