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091602S Thesis, 16 ECTS cr 
Code 091602S  Validity 01.08.2015 -
Name Thesis  Abbreviation Thesis 
Scope16 ECTS cr   
TypeAdvanced Studies Discipline5402 Dentistry 
TypeDiploma thesis   
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Unit Dentistry 

ECTS Credits 

16 ECTS credits

Language of instruction 

Finnish, English


Work on the thesis can be started already at the beginning of the studies. Prerequisites of the research/thesis depend on the chosen subject/theme and are discussed with a responsible person of a research group or subject.

Learning outcomes 

The thesis is a scientific work which shows the student's ability for scientific thinking and research. The student gets acquainted with scientific research and is able to evaluate research publications, the student is capable of independent and responsible work as part of a scientific community, develops his/her problem solving skills as well as critical and ethical thinking, and increases his/her readiness to scientific communication.

The thesis (20 ECTS credits) includes formulation of research plan (4 ECTS credits), independent research work under the supervision of the teacher, writing a thesis or scientific article (student as a first or second writer), oral presentation of the research and participation twice in research seminar.

Directors of the disciplines in the degree programme in dentistry give information about their research projects and possible aims of the thesis. Info session will be also held every year.


Writing a thesis and giving a presentation about it

Mode of delivery 

Independent work

Learning activities and teaching methods 

Supervision and independent work altogether 432 hours.

Target group 

Dental students of first to fifth study year

Prerequisites and co-requisites 

Knowledge and Research I-III, Study plan

Assessment methods and criteria 

Assessment criterias (in Finnish) can be found here:




Person responsible 

Antti Tiisanoja

Working life cooperation 

Research work gives excellent possibilities to develope practices in working life and create contacts.


Current and future instruction
Functions Name Type ECTS cr Teacher Schedule
Registration Syventävien opintojen tutkielma ja sen esittäminen  Course  16  Antti Tiisanoja  22.10.21 -29.04.22

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