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761118P-02 Mechanics 1, lab. exercises, 0 ECTS cr / 0 cu 
Code 761118P-02  Validity 01.01.2017 -
Name Mechanics 1, lab. exercises  Abbreviation Mechanics 1, la 
Scope0 ECTS cr / 0 cu   
TypeBasic Studies Discipline3251 Physics 
TypePartial credit   
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Unit Field of Physics 

Lauri Hautala 



Learning outcomes 

The student is able to describe the basic concepts of mechanics and to apply those when solving the problems related to mechanics.


We encounter many phenomena related to mechanics in our everyday life. Most engineering sciences are based on mechanics and mechanics forms the basis of many other fields of physics, including modern physics. Contents in brief: Short summary of vector calculus. Kinematics, projectile motion and circular motion. Newton’s laws of motion. Work and different forms of energy. Momentum, impulse and collisions. Rotational motion and moment of inertia. Torque and angular momentum. Rigid body equilibrium problems. Gravitation. Periodic motion. Fluid mechanics.

Mode of delivery 

Face-to-face teaching

Learning activities and teaching methods 

The whole course: Lectures 30 h, 7 exercises (14 h), 2 laboratory exercises (3 hours/exercise), self-study 83 h

Target group 

For the students of the University of Oulu

Prerequisites and co-requisites 

Knowledge of vector calculus and basics of differential and integral calculus.

Recommended optional programme components 

No alternative course units or course units that should be completed simultaneously.

Person responsible 

Lauri Hautala

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registration period has ended Mechanics 1, lab. exercises  Course  Lauri Hautala  17.05.21 -31.08.21

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