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407040A Basic Course in Quantitative Research, 5 ECTS cr 
Code 407040A  Validity 01.08.2011 -
Name Basic Course in Quantitative Research  Abbreviation Basic Course in 
Scope5 ECTS cr   
Type Intermediate Studies Discipline2505 Education 
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Unit Faculty of Education 

Peltonen, Jouni Aslak 

ECTS Credits 

5 cr

Language of instruction 

Finnish, English for ITE


2. or 3. year

Learning outcomes 

Having completed the course, the student knows how to

  • describe and analyze the foundations of quantitative research in the philosophy of science, its characteristics, and the main stages in the progress of a research process
  • plan and implement the main stages of a simple quantitative study
  • evaluate and interpret quantitative studies conducted by others
  • starting-points of quantitative research and the main stages of the research process
  • reliability of quantitative research
  • representation of a one- and two-dimensional empirical distribution
  • basics of statistical reasoning
  • estimation
  • statistical testings
Mode of delivery 

Face-to-face or blended teaching

Learning activities and teaching methods 

Lectures 24h, small group teaching 14h, independent work 96h

Target group 

Students in the Faculty of Education and students pursuing minor subject studies in education

Prerequisites and co-requisites 

Basic studies in education/psychology

Recommended optional programme components 

The study module is part of the intermediate studies in education/psychology and supports the writing of a Bachelor's thesis

Recommended or required reading 

As agreed, other works and videotaped expert lectures may also be used as learning materials.

Assessment methods and criteria 

The students carry out a learning assignment, either independently or in small groups, based on the lecture and other teaching in the course, the video materials compiled from the expert lectures, and literature. The learning assignment is planned and elaborated through work in small groups with the help of the teacher and other students, and the work is finally presented to the other students in a poster session, for instance. The learning assignment can also consist of several smaller parts.

In concrete terms, the learning assignment can be a small-scale quantitative study, analysis or summary of quantitative studies conducted by others on a certain theme, an analysis of an available quantitative data set, or an essay analyzing a special issue in quantitative research.

As agreed, the course can also be arranged and credits earned in some other way, for instance by taking part in the actiivities of a research group in the faculty.

Criteria for course performance:

0 = unfinished and fragmented, matters presented are not essentially connected with the topic, the use of sources is almost non-existent and the is no uccessful concretization of the basic principles of research.

1 = highly superficial, matters are presented detached from one another, the use of sources is one-sided and superficial.

2 = superficial, matters are presented partly in detachment from each other, the use of sources is satisfactory.

3 = reflective and matters are related to each other to some extent, the core argument is to be seen and the use of sources is mainly good.

4 = quite an analytical and partly successful whole, matters are related to each other well, and the use of sources is mainly very good.

5 = a systematic and analytical whole, in which the matters are related to each other very well, and the use of sources is mainly excellent. 


0 - 5

Person responsible 

Jouni Peltonen

Working life cooperation 


Other information 

Research studies completed elsewhere can once replace the research studies taken in the faculty. The studies taken in the faculty can also once replace the research studies in a minor subject, if the original studies were completed in the faculty (and were not acknowledged through recognition of prior learning). Otherwise, the teacher-in-charge shall decide on the studies to be taken.


Current and future instruction
Functions Name Type ECTS cr Teacher Schedule
registration period has not begun Basic Course in Quantitative Research SUMMER 2022  Course  Peltonen, Jouni Aslak  02.08.21 -17.08.22
Registration Basic course in quantitative research  Course  Peltonen, Jouni Aslak  20.09.21 -17.12.21

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