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413030S Advanced course in quantitative research, 5 ECTS cr 
Code 413030S  Validity 01.08.2011 -
Name Advanced course in quantitative research  Abbreviation Advanced course 
Scope5 ECTS cr   
TypeAdvanced Studies Discipline2505 Education 
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Unit Faculty of Education 

Peltonen, Jouni Aslak 

ECTS Credits 

5 ECTS credits

Language of instruction 


English (ITE)


1st year

Learning outcomes 

Having completed the course, the student 

  • knows how to analyse and interpret typical educational and psychological quantitative research data by using research methods designed for the examination of one-, two- or more dimensional distributions 
  • knows how to describe the basic ideas of research data analysis based on structural equation modelling and how to interpret models created by others 
  • knows how to assess the credibility, reliability and ethical aspects of her/his own research and research done by others
  • statistical testing
  • classic multivariate methods
  • modelling by means of linear structural equations
  • publishing the results of statistical methods of analysis in a research report
Mode of delivery 

Teaching and independet study  

Learning activities and teaching methods 

Lectures 18h, small group sessions 14h, independent work 96h

Target group 

Students pursuing advanced studies in the Faculty of Education

Prerequisites and co-requisites 

Basic course in quantitative research 5 cr. or equivalent studies in statistics

Recommended optional programme components 

The study module is part of the advanced studies in the education programme and supports the writing of a Master's Thesis

Recommended or required reading 

Metsämuuronen, J. (2003 or later edition) Tutkimuksen tekemisen perusteet ihmistieteissä (pages 273-764)
Kerlinger, F. & Lee, H. (2003 or later edition) Foundations of behavioral research. Fourth edition.
Hair, J.F., Anderson, R.E, Tatham, R.L. & Black, W.C. (1998 or later edition) Multivariate data analysis.

Assessment methods and criteria 

The students carry out, either independently or in small groups, assignments of analyzing quantitative data, in which the basis and materials are provided by the lectures, literature and other sources whenever possible (such as recordings of expert lectures). In concrete terns, a learning assignments can consist, for instance, of the analysis of data collected for the student's own thesis, or of sample data used in the course. By agreement, the course can also be arranged and carried out in other ways, such as by taking part in the activities of a research group in the faculty.

The student's course performance is

0 = unfinished and fragmented, with no concretization of the basic principles of analyzing quantitative research data

1 = highly superficial, the analysis is very superficial and contains lots of mistaken interpretations and erroneous conclusions

2 = supeficial, the analysis is superficial and contains some mistaken interpretations and erroneous conclusions

3 = reflective. the analysis is justified and the results do not reveal many mistaken interpretations or erroneous conclusions

4 = an analytical and partly very successful whole, in which the proper methods of analysis were chosen for each situation, the student knew how to interpret the results mainly right without any significant erroneous conclusions

5 = a systematic and analytical whole, in which the proper methods were chosen for each situation, the stuent knew how to interpret the result correctly without any erroneous conclusions 



0 - 5

Person responsible 

Jouni Peltonen


Current and future instruction
Functions Name Type ECTS cr Teacher Schedule
registration period has ended Advanced course in quantitative research (Summer course 2020)  Course  Peltonen, Jouni Aslak  09.08.21 -17.09.21
registration period has not begun Advanced course in quantitative research  Course  Peltonen, Jouni Aslak  10.01.22 -02.03.22
registration period has not begun Advanced course in quantitative research SUMMER 2022  Course  Peltonen, Jouni Aslak  04.07.22 -26.08.22

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