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813621S Research Methods, 5 ECTS cr 
Code 813621S  Validity 01.01.1950 -
Name Research Methods  Abbreviation Research Method 
Scope5 ECTS cr   
TypeAdvanced Studies Discipline3259 Information Processing Science 
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Unit Information Processing Science DP 

Netta Iivari 

ECTS Credits 

5 ECTS credits/134 hours of work

Language of instruction 



The course starts in autumn and continues to spring semester (periods 2 and 3). It is recommended that the course is completed during the first year of Master’s studies.

Learning outcomes 

Having completed the course, the student is able to explain the general principles of scientific research and the practices of scientific methodology. The student is also able to generate research problems in information systems and software engineering. The student is able to identify and describe the main research approaches and methods in information systems and software engineering and choose the appropriate approach and method for a research problem. The student is also able to evaluate the methodological quality of a research publication. After the course the student is able to choose and apply the proper approach and method for his or her Master’s thesis and find more information on the method from scientific literature.


Introduction to general scientific principles, scientific research practices and quality of scientific publications, qualitative research approaches and selected research methods, quantitative research approaches and selected research methods, design science research and selected methods, requirements and examples of Master’s theses, evaluation of research.

Mode of delivery 

Face-to-face teaching

Learning activities and teaching methods 

Lectures 40h, exercises 30h and individual work 64h. Learning diary is written about the lectures and exercises. Exercises include group work.

Target group 


Prerequisites and co-requisites 

Completion of Bachelor’s studies

Recommended optional programme components 


Recommended or required reading 

Lecture slides and specified literature

Assessment methods and criteria 

Accepted learning diary




Person responsible 

Tero Vartiainen

Working life cooperation 



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registration period has not begun Research Methods  Course  Tero Päivärinta  10.01.22 -05.05.22

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