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ay902138Y Business Writing (B2/C1) (OPEN UNI), 4 ECTS cr 
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Name Business Writing (B2/C1) (OPEN UNI)  Abbreviation Business Writin 
Scope4 ECTS cr   
TypeLanguage and Communication Studies Discipline8006 Language studies, English 
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Unit University of Oulu, Open University 

Proficiency level 



This course is compulsory for the students who have chosen English.  If the student will complete AHOT 1A for matriculation exam results of L or E, then the student need complete only Module 1 or 2 of Business Writing.  But this same option exists for the Integrated Text and Business Studies course, it also has two modules and the AHOT 1A can replace either module in that course.  However only a total of 2 credits can be replaced so the student must choose which course module to replace with the AHOT 1A credits.


Required proficiency level 


ECTS Credits 

4 credits / 104 hours of work

Language of instruction 





Learning outcomes 

By the end of the course, students are able to:

  • assess and express in writing own professional competitive advantage following self-analysis
  • demonstrate the ability to write clear and effective business documents and email messages conveying information and details accurately
  • demonstrate the ability to use an appropriate level of formality and style for business communication
  • demonstrate mastery of the conventional formats and layouts of different types of business documents and email messages
  • write business proposals, reports, and press releases with a good degree of fluency using the essential components of each in a professional business register.

Contents: This is a writing course which consists of two modules.  Module one is a semi self-study course.  In module one of the course students will meet in the classroom for three sessions and will participate in three to four follow-up tutoring sessions. Following the classroom sessions students will study the instructions and examples of various business documents and write their own business documents, for example a letter of enquiry, letter of response and letter of introduction. During this part of the course the student will focus on writing fluency, appropriate professional tone as well as special vocabulary specific to written business communication. Students will complete the assignments, and meet with the instructor in private tutorial sessions to get feedback on their own writing skills. This process will be repeated three-four times before beginning the second part of the course.  All homework should be written as though the student is employed by a company and the visual appeal should be at such a level that any organization in the business world would approve.

In module two of the course, the focus is on improving grammatical proficiency at higher levels of English.  All grammatical exercises are designed to bring the writer closer towards or into the C1 level.  This is followed by a review of effective and fluent written communication including writing proposals, reports and press releases.  Attention will be paid to professional writing style and tone, writing positive messages and understanding the difference between informal and formal English.  Special attention should be used on the delivery of written communication, on the visual appeal of the documents.  All homework should be written as though the student is employed by a company and the visual appeal should be at such a level that any organization in the business world would approve.

Mode of delivery 

classroom teaching, homework, independent self-study

Learning activities and teaching methods 

For the entire four-credit course: classroom sessions include 14-18 hours of instruction depending on the mode selected by the teacher and 36-40 hours of independent homework associated with the classroom instruction / 3-5 hours tutoring and 18-20 hours of independent homework associated with the tutoring sessions / 4 hours revision / 4 hours Lesson 5 mini project / 6 hours Lesson 6 final project / 3 hours written exam and 10 hours preparation for the exam

Target group 

Students of open university.

Prerequisites and co-requisites 


Recommended optional programme components 


Recommended or required reading 

The course materials include materials in Moodle and may include a handbook compilation which must be purchased at the campus bookstore. 

Assessment methods and criteria 

Course assessment is carried out by assessment of the packages in Module 1, some of the homework tasks of Module 2 and the final exam. If there are large discrepancies between homework grades and exam grade, the exam grade will be the determining factor in the course grade.


The grading scale is 1 - 5 or Fail.

Person responsible 

Jaana Sorvari

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Other information 

Pohjois-Pohjanmaan kesäyliopisto

Torikatu 22 A (2. krs)

PL 2437, 90014 Oulun yliopisto

044 465 2205 ja 044 465 2206, toimisto ja ilmoittautuminen


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