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773655S Sedimentology, 5 ECTS cr 
Code 773655S  Validity 01.08.2015 -
Name Sedimentology  Abbreviation Sedimentology 
Scope5 ECTS cr   
TypeAdvanced Studies Discipline3261 Surficial Geology 
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Unit Oulu Mining School 

Kari Strand 

ECTS Credits 

5 credits

Language of instruction 

Finnish (optionally English)


4th or 5th study year

Learning outcomes 

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to explain how different sediment bedforms and sedimentary associations are related to different sedimentary environments. The student will also be able link individual observations to various sedimentary processes and their products, understand facies analysis method and explain the fundamental concepts used in sequence stratigraphy.


The topics that are introduced in the course are: sedimentary environments their processes and products, basin analysis and sequence stratigraphy.

Mode of delivery 

Face to face

Learning activities and teaching methods 

30 h lectures

Target group 

Advanced-level geology students.

Prerequisites and co-requisites 

Bachelor of Science degree

Recommended or required reading 

Applicable parts of Reading, H.G. (1996) Sedimentary Environments. Blackwell Science Ltd. 688 s. and Coe, A.L. (2005) The Sedimentary Record of Sea-level Change. Cambridge University Press. 287 p. Lecture notes.

Assessment methods and criteria 




Person responsible 

Kari Strand

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Current and future instruction
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registration period has ended Sedimentology  Course  Kari Strand  02.09.20 -21.10.20

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Registration Sedimentology exam  Exam  Kari Strand  22.10.20
Registration Sedimentology exam  Exam  Kari Strand  18.11.20
Registration Sedimentology exam  Exam  Kari Strand  16.12.20