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772632S Regional ore geology of Fennoscandia, 5 ECTS cr 
Code 772632S  Validity 01.08.2010 -
Name Regional ore geology of Fennoscandia  Abbreviation Regional ore ge 
Scope5 ECTS cr   
TypeAdvanced Studies Discipline3256 Geology and Mineralogy 
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Unit Oulu Mining School 

Shenghong Yang 

ECTS Credits 

5 credits

Language of instruction 



4th or 5th year

Learning outcomes 

After the course students should have an understanding of the occurrence and petrogenesis of the most important ore deposits in Fennoscandia, and their main analogues in a global context. Students will thus have gained an improved capability to contribute to mineral exploration in Finland.


Factors that control temporal and spatial distribution of ores, with particular focus on Finnish and Fennoscandian ore deposits, including the Finnish VMS (Pyhäsalmi, Outokumpu), chromite (Kemi), PGE (Portimo, Penikat, Konttijärvi), vanadium (Mustavaara, Koitelainen), Fe (Kolari district, Otanmäki), gold (Suurikuusikko, Pahtavaara, Pampalo), and Ni deposits (Kevitsa, Talvivaara, Vammala-Kotalahti belt), the Swedish Kiruna and Skelefteå districts, the Pechenga deposit of Russia, and the Norwegian Fe-Ti deposits.

Mode of delivery 

Face to face

Learning activities and teaching methods 

Lectures 30 h, handspecimen examination

Target group 

Masters students and PhD students in geology.

Prerequisites and co-requisites 

Ore Geology (772385A), Igneous Petrology (772341A), Metamorphic Petrology (772345A), Introduction to Ore Mineralogy (772335A).

Recommended optional programme components 

Other courses of the International Master programme.

Recommended or required reading 

Eilu P (Ed.) (2012) Mineral deposits and metallogeny of Fennoscandia . Geological Survey of Finland, Special Paper 53. 401 p., Maier, W., O’Brien, H., Lahtinen, R. (Eds.) (2015) Ore Deposits of Finland. Elsevier.

The availability of the literature can be checked from this link.

Assessment methods and criteria 


Read more about assessment criteria at the University of Oulu webpage.



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Current and future instruction
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registration period has ended Regional Ore Geology of Fennoscandia  Course  Shenghong Yang  09.01.20 -27.02.20

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