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900050Y Written and Oral Communication Skills, 4-5 ECTS cr 
Code 900050Y  Validity 01.08.1995 -
Name Written and Oral Communication Skills  Abbreviation Written and Ora 
Scope4-5 ECTS cr   
TypeLanguage and Communication Studies Discipline8001 Language studies, Finnish 
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Unit Languages and Communication 


Students in the Faculty of Humanities select their written and oral communication studies from the course units offered in the Communication Buffet in such a way that the selected course units include both written and oral studies. With most of the course units, the student has the option to choose between versions worth 2 credits or 3  credits;  the student may choose to take a 3 credit written skills course and a 2 credit oral skills course - or vice versa - to form the required total amount of 5 credits. The student must discuss the additional assignments required for the 3 credit version with the teacher of the course unit in question. It is also possible to complete the communication studies with one course unit, which combines both oral and written studies and is worth 5 credits.

Students of Saami Language and Saami Culture complete the Communication Buffet course unit 900050Y-04 Scientific Communication (Tieteellinen viestintä) - 5 ECTS credits.

Students in the Master's Degree Programme in Business Communication may complete their communication studies by taking the course unit 900055Y Communication Skills in Business and Economic Life (Talouselämän viestintä)(3 ECTS credits) intended for students of Economics and one freely selectable course unit (2 ECTS credits) from the Communication Buffet.


Faculty of Science

Students of Information Processing Science complete the course unit in teaching groups reserved for them by either taking the course unit 900050-27 Scientific Communication (TOL) (Tieteellinen viestintä [TOL]) - 4 ECTS credits (Option A) OR the course units 900050Y-18 Written Communication 1 (TOL) (Kirjoitusviestintä [TOL]) - 2 ECTS credits and 900050Y-26 Oral Communication (TOL) (Puheviestintä [TOL]) - 2 ECTS credits (Option B).


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