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900017Y Survival Finnish, 2 ECTS cr 
Code 900017Y  Validity 01.08.1995 -
Name Survival Finnish  Abbreviation Survival Finnis 
Scope2 ECTS cr   
TypeLanguage and Communication Studies Discipline8015 Language studies, Finnish for Foreigners 
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Unit Languages and Communication 

Proficiency level 



The course is intended for the international students in every faculty of Oulu University.

Required proficiency level 

No previous Finnish studies.

ECTS Credits 

2 ECTS credits

Language of instruction 

Finnish and English



Learning outcomes 

By the end of the course the student can understand and use some very common everyday expressions and phrases, and s/he can locate informational content in simple texts and messages. The student also knows the basic characteristics of Finnish language and Finnish communication styles.


This is an introductory course which aims to help students to cope with the most common everyday situations in Finnish. During the course, students learn some useful everyday phrases, some general features of the vocabulary and grammar, and the main principles of pronunciation.

The topics and communicative situations covered in the course are: general information about the Finnish language, some politeness phrases (how to greet people, thank and apologize), introducing oneself, giving and asking for basic personal information, numbers, some time expressions (how to tell and ask the time, days of the week, time of day), food, drink and asking about prices.

The structures studied are: personal pronouns and their possessive forms, forming affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences, the conjugation of some verbs, the basics of the partitive singular and some local cases for answering the ‘where'-question.

Mode of delivery 

Contact teaching, on-line learning and independent work. There will be organized also one on-line group in each semester.

Learning activities and teaching methods 

Lessons 2 times a week (26 h, including the final exam) and guided self study (24 h)

Target group 

International degree and post-graduate degree students and exchange students of the University

Prerequisites and co-requisites 


Recommended optional programme components 


Recommended or required reading 

Will be provided during the course.

Assessment methods and criteria 

Regular and active participation in the weekly lessons (twice a week), homework assignments and written exam at the end of the course will be observed in assessment.

Read more about assessment criteria at the University of Oulu webpage.


Grading scale is on a pass/fail basis.

Person responsible 

Anne Koskela

Working life cooperation 


Other information 

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Current and future instruction
Functions Name Type ECTS cr Teacher Schedule
registration period has ended Survival Finnish Course for Oulu Business School Degree Students  Course  Arja Haapakoski  06.09.21 -14.10.21
registration period has ended Survival Finnish Course, EDGLO group and LET group  Course  Arja Haapakoski  06.09.21 -21.10.21
registration period has ended Survival Finnish Course for all faculties, autumn  Course  Arja Haapakoski  06.09.21 -22.10.22
registration period has ended Survival Finnish for ITEE  Course  Arja Haapakoski  13.09.21 -22.12.21
  Survival Finnish Course, Kontinkangas campus  Course  Arja Haapakoski  14.09.21 -23.02.22
registration period has not begun Survival Finnish Course 1, for all faculties, spring  Course  Arja Haapakoski  12.01.22 -03.03.22

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