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521993S Master's Thesis in Computer Engineering, 30 ECTS cr 
Code 521993S  Validity 01.01.1950 -
Name Master's Thesis in Computer Engineering  Abbreviation Master's Thesis 
Scope30 ECTS cr   
TypeAdvanced Studies Discipline4307 Information Engineering 
TypeDiploma thesis   
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Unit Computer Science and Engineering DP 

ECTS Credits 


Language of instruction 



Second year of MSc studies

Learning outcomes 

The student is able to set goals for a given task. He can structure the topic coherently, with emphasis on the key issues. Depending on the nature of the work, the student is able to present the existing results or technological implementations so that the methods used in the work are justified in relation to the state of the art in the field of engineering or science in question. He is able to apply the knowledge and state of the art methods of the subject area in his work. He can present clearly his plan and solution implemented, justify the choices made, and assess the functionality of the solution with relevant testing and evaluation methods. In addition, he is able to compare the results against goals and to consider their general significance to modern engineering or science, and assess the broader significance of the results to the company, organization or project. The student is able to produce smooth, clear and finalized text based on technical and scientific writing practices of the field.


The thesis work is carried out independently. The student defines the content of the thesis under the guidance of the supervisor. The degree program committee approves the thesis topic and content.

The thesis is recorded in accordance with the orientation using the following codes:

  • 521980S Master's Thesis in Artificial Intelligence, 30 ECTS cr
  • 521981S Master's Thesis in Information Processing Engineering, 30 ECTS cr
  • 522985S Master's Thesis in Applied Computing, 30 ECTS cr
  • 521984S Master's Thesis in Embedded Systems, 30 ECTS cr
  • 521979S Master's Thesis in Computer Engineering, 30 ECTS cr
  • 522988S Master's Thesis / Master's Degree Programme in Computer Science and Engineering (CSVP ja Ubi), 30 ECTS cr
  • 522987S Master's Thesis in Biomedical Engineering, 30 ECTS cr
Mode of delivery 

Face-to-face meetings with the supervisor and independent studying.

Learning activities and teaching methods 

Independent work under the guidance of the supervisor.

Target group 

Second year MSc students.

Prerequisites and co-requisites 

Compulsory advanced studies preceding the thesis (90 ECTS cr).

Recommended optional programme components 


Recommended or required reading 


Assessment methods and criteria 

The thesis is assessed by two reviewers (supervisor and second reviewer) and approved by the degree program committee. Assessment Criteria at the University of Oulu can be found here.


1-5 (1=sufficient, 2=satisfactory, 3=good, 4=very good, 5=excellent) 

Person responsible 

Supervising professor or researcher

Working life cooperation 


Other information 

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