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521260S Ohjelmoitava Web, 5 op 
Tunniste 521260S  Voimassaolo 01.08.2006 -
Nimi Ohjelmoitava Web  Lyhenne Ohjelmoitava We 
Laajuus5 op   
OpiskelumuotoSyventävät opinnot Oppiaine4307 Tietotekniikka 
  Arvostelu1 - 5, hyv, hyl 
Vastuuyksikkö Tietotekniikan ala 

Ivan Sanchez Milara 


The course is mandatory for International Master's Programme in Computer Science and Engineering and Master's Programme in Computer Science and Engineering. It is optional for other degree and master programmes.


5 ECTS cr


In English.


Spring, periods 3-4.


 Upon completion of this course, students:

  • understand what a Web API is and learn different Web API architectures.
  • understand the concept of hypermedia and how it is used to build Web APIs.
  • are able to design and implement a Web API following REST architectural style principles using existing web frameworks.
  • are able to write unit and functional tests to inspect their APIS.
  • are able to document their Web APIs using adequate software tools.
  • are able to implement simple software applications that make use of the APIs.

RESTful Web API, Hypermedia, RESTful asiakkaat.


Web-based teaching and face-to-face teaching.


Lectures 4 h, guided laboratory work 15 h, the rest as self-study and group work. Each group implements programs and writes a report.


M.Sc. level students of Computer Science and Engineering; other students of the university of Oulu are accepted if there is enough space in the classes.


Elementary programming (521141P) or equivalent Python programming
skills. Applied computing project I is recommended.

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The course is an independent entity and does not require additional studies carried out at the same time.


Mainly course slides and links to different Web resources announced during the first lecture. Course books: * Leonard Richardson, Mike Amundsen & Sam Ruby. RESTful Web APIs. O'Reilly Media 2013. ISBN: 978-1-4493-5806-8. * Leonard Richardson & Sam Ruby,RESTful Web Services. O’Reilly Media 2007. ISBN: 978-0-596-52926-0.

Suoritustavat ja arviointikriteerit 

This course unit utilizes continuous assessment. The project work is divided in different deadlines that students must meet to pass the course. Each deadline will be assessed after completion.

Read more about assessment criteria at the University of Oulu webpage.


The course unit utilizes a numerical grading scale 1-5. In the numerical scale zero stands for a fail.


Ivan Sanchez Milara




This course replaces the course “521260S Representing structured information”.


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