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721469S Business Marketing in Networks, 6 op 
Tunniste 721469S  Voimassaolo 01.08.2019 -
Nimi Business Marketing in Networks  Lyhenne Business Market 
Laajuus6 op   
OpiskelumuotoSyventävät opinnot Oppiaine6313 Markkinointi 
  Arvostelu1 - 5, hyv, hyl 
Vastuuyksikkö Oulun yliopiston kauppakorkeakoulu 

Hanna Komulainen 


6 credits




Period 3 (year 1)


Upon completion of the course, students are able to understand, define and assess different theoretical approaches to business marketing in networks. They are able to explain why the different kinds of networks are important in global business life and are able to coordinate those considering strategic goals of the company. Students are able to analyze the underlying logic of different types of strategic nets, value creation between organizations likewise sources of conflict and conflict resolution strategies. Having completed the course, students are able to view and evaluate business relationships from different perspectives and are capable to evaluate and argue the relevance and usefulness of different B2B marketing theories in their Master´s Thesis when needed. In addition, students have enhanced their multicultural teamwork skills in group working.


The basic concepts and principles of managing business relationships and network thinking including the following themes: strategic thinking and strategic nets; value creation; key account management; relationship portfolios; development of business relationships; business relationships and networking in international context; sources of conflict in networks and conflict resolution.


Blended approach (face-to-face teaching and web-based teaching)


Students need to attend the pre-exam (20 h) to enter the course. Course includes 80 hours of independent online studies and contact lectures, and related to these article analyses and mini cases, multicultural group works and related presentations. Independent reading of the articles and related material for the exam or individual assignment is required to pass the course (60 h).


Master’s level students in marketing.


A pre-exam needs to be passed (book Håkansson, H. & Snehota, I eds: Developing Relationships in Business Networks, 1995). Detailed information on the pre-exam will be provided on Noppa Study Portal.

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The course is an independent entity and does not require additional studies carried out at the same time.


The pre-exam: Developing Relationships in Business Networks (1995) Håkansson, H. & Snehota, I (eds.) (sections given by the lecturer before the course).

The final exam/individual assignment: Article collection, lecture material and other material appointed by the lecturers.

Suoritustavat ja arviointikriteerit 

Obligatory exercises and exam/individual assignment. The assessment of the course is based on the learning outcomes of the course unit. Read more about assessment criteria at the University of Oulu webpage.


The course utilizes a numerical grading scale 1-5. In the numerical scale zero stands for a fail.


Dr. Hanna Komulainen and Professor Satu Nätti


Understanding strategic nets and their orchestration is a highly relevant work life skill in modern business contexts. It has direct links to successful innovation activities and capability for global networking. In addition, visiting industry experts with real-life cases and practicing multicultural teamwork during the course gives relevant skills for work life.


The number of students is limited. Please note that registration for this course ends 15.12.2019 and after that, students will not be accepted for the course.


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