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A540143 Physiology, 15 ECTS cr 
Code A540143  Validity 01.08.2017 -
Name Physiology  Abbreviation Physiology 
Scope15 ECTS cr   
TypeBasic Studies Discipline5401 Medicine 
TypeStudy module   
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Unit Medicine 

Karl-Heinz Herzig 
Kari Mäkelä 

ECTS Credits 

15 ECTS credits / 405 hours of work. 

Language of instruction 

Finnish and English.


The course unit is held in the autumn semester. The course must be completed during the second year of the Medical School curriculum.

Learning outcomes 


After completion of the course the student:
- knows the principles of the function, regulation, and interrelations of the cells, tissues and organ systems of the healthy human being, as required for independent work as a physician or dentist
- is able to evaluate the knowledge and apply it to clinical problems as basis of diseases (pathophysiology)
- is able to follow and evaluate the development of medical physiology as a science, and maintain and improve knowledge in it both in Finnish and English
- is able to apply knowledge in physiology for acquiring, evaluating and reporting scientific medical and dental information

After reaching the learning aims the student has sufficient knowledge and skills in physiology for studies leading to the degrees of Licentiate of Medicine and Licentiate of Dentistry, and for continuous learning.


The course includes 043057P Physiology, term paper (2 credits), 043054P Physiology I (4 credits), 043058P Physiology group works (2 credits), 043055P Physiology II (3 credits) and 043056P Physiology III (4 credits) covering:
1. Cell physiology
2. Fundamentals of biophysics
3. Physiological functions of the body
4. Clinical chemistry (basics)
5. Physiological regulation and integrative physiology
6. Applied physiology

Mode of delivery 

Face-to-face teaching

Learning activities and teaching methods 

Guidance and tutorial, lectures, practicals, term paper, interim and final examinations, independent study.

Target group 

Second year medical and dental students.

Prerequisites and co-requisites 

The student should have completed the courses of Anatomy and Medical Cell and Developmental Biology (A540141), and Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (A540142).

Recommended or required reading 

- Ganong's Review of Medical Physiology (25th Edition).

- Medical Physiology (Boron W.F., 3rd edition)

- Practicals Textbook

- Lecture notes can be found in the Moodle system.

Assessment methods and criteria 

At the beginning of the course there is an examination on the subject of the practicals, which has to be passed. In addition, each part (Physiology I-III) will have their own exam. The student has to obtain at least half of the maximum points to pass the exam.


Graded 1-5 or fail.

Person responsible 

Professor Karl-Heinz Herzig

University lecturer Kari Mäkelä

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